2018 Standard Mileage Rates

Beginning on 1/1/18, the standard mileage rates for cars, vans, pickups, and panel trucks will be 54.5 cents per mile for business miles, 18 cents per mile for medical or moving purposes, and 14 cents per mile for charitable purposes. The business expense rate and the medical and moving expense rate each increased one cent per mile from the 2017 rates. The charitable rate is set by law and remains unchanged from last year’s rate. The portion of the business standard mileage rate treated as depreciation is 22 cents per mile for 2014, 24 cents per mile for 2015 and 2016, and 25 cents per mile for 2017 and 2018. When computing the allowance under a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) plan, the standard vehicle cost cannot exceed $27,300 for autos or $31,000 for trucks and vans.

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