The New Medicare Card – Help Your Patients

As mentioned in my prior blog posts, CMS is mailing new Medicare cards with new Medicare numbers to people newly enrolling in Medicare. People who already have Medicare coverage will receive their cards on a flow basis. CMS is conducting a major education campaign about the new card, and is asking for your help:

  • Your Medicare patients will not get new cards if their addresses are not correct. If the address you have on file is different than the Medicare address you get in electronic eligibility transaction responses, ask your patient to correct their address through Social Security.
  • Prepare to answer your patients’ questions: Read the Medicare.Gov webpage and messaging guidelines.
  • Play the one minute New Medicare Cards are coming! video in your waiting room, so patients know when and how they will receive the new card (also available in opened caption and 1080p formats).
  • Display a poster in your office.
  • Give your patients tear-off sheets or flyers.

Register and order these free color products available in multiple languages, or print on 8.5”x11” paper:

  • Poster, 11”x17” (Product  #12009-P)
  • Pad of 50 tear-off sheets, 4”x 5.25” ( Product #12006)
  • Flyer, 8.5”x11” (Product #12002 )

Visit the Provider webpage for the latest information.

Have questions? I’m here to help.