10 Compliance Questions to Include in your Exit Interview

10 Compliance Questions

  1. How effective was your training on the compliance program, Code of Conduct and policies?
  2. Were you trained on how to report concern and problems confidentially or anonymously?
  3. Did you believe that those reporting compliance issues would be protected from retaliation?
  4. Are you aware of any ethical or compliance issues; and if so did you report them?
  5. How could the company strengthen its message regarding ethics and compliance?
  6. Is everyone in the work force treated fairly?
  7. Do you believe management fully supports the compliance program?
  8. Are you leaving due to any compliance concerns about your job or work environment?
  9. Are you aware of any improper or illegal conduct in the workplace? If so, who and what?
  10. Have you reported compliance issues or concerns that are unaddressed? If so, explain.

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