Another comment on patient satisfaction


I was reading a local magazine the other night and there was an article on how to choose a dentist. There was a sidebar with the title "Listen to your Gut" with a list of questions. I began thinking about these questions and how they relate to a physician medical practice and you know what? They are dead on. So here are the questions from the sidebar - I want you to read them and think about how your patients would answer - positively or negatively? Most physicians think their office gives good customer service when in reality most don't.

1. How to you feel when you walk through the door?

2. How are you treated by the staff?

3. Does the dentist (physician) take time on your first visit to get to know you and listen to your concerns?

4. Does he or she involve you in treatment planning or dictate which steps will be taken?

Have questions? I’m here to help.