Another comment about employee bonus programs


This again is another observation on why there aren’t many employee bonus programs within physician medical practices. Most physicians have a bonus program but the employees rarely do. Why is that? Why is a lack of employee bonus programs so scarce within the healthcare industry as a whole? The following is a recent comment by a medical practice administrator:


“I have never received a bonus…anywhere….anytime. I have been in the medical field for almost 40 years and have never had the pleasure of receiving an “extra check”.  I know the grass is not always greener.  A bonus would be wonderful or even a pat on the back, but I don’t look for it. I get a dozen long stems each year for my anniversary and the Docs actually sign a card.  They make it a point, once a year, to thank me.  My evaluations are a joke. I practically do them myself starting with my weakness and my strengths.  After all these years there aren’t any surprises.”


Incentive bonus programs can and do motivate employees. Employees need to feel their efforts are rewarded in more ways than a paltry raise at year end. So if you know of any good employee bonus programs out there, please let me know about them!!

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