Are you guilty of “cut-and-paste” physician EHR documentation?


Federal officials say the cut-and-paste features common to electronic health records could invite fraudulent use of duplicated clinical notes and that there is a need to clamp down on the emerging threat. That concern is enhanced by the fact that it's too easy to turn off features of EHR systems that allow tracking of sloppy or fraudulent records. In an audit report released in December 2013, HHS agencies confirmed that they are developing comprehensive plans to deter fraud and abuse involving EHRs, including guidelines for cut-and-paste features. The issue arises at a time when critics say federally subsidized digital patient record systems are sometimes being used inappropriately by providers to drive up reimbursement.

It's certainly possible that EHR documentation features, if poorly designed or used inappropriately, could result in poor data quality or even fraud the report says. In other words, healthcare fraud can be as easy as hitting Control-C, Control-V!!

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