Avoid Turning Mistakes into the Customer’s Problem

Correction of Mistakes is Key

Correct your group's mistakes immediately and overwhelmingly in your customer's favor. The customer may be the patient, local hospital, a referrer or someone else you simply do business with, like a local creditor you accidentally underpaid. Cor­recting patient mistakes proves particularly critical in these litigious times. Errors don't have to be clinical in nature. They may have to do with a patient's bill, ap­pointment or simple miscommunication.

Time Matters

Every practice makes mistakes – we are human. What matters is how quickly and completely you and staff work to correct them. Accepting respon­sibility is a good business prac­tice, while looking to put blame elsewhere — particularly on the customer impacted by the mis­take — makes for bad business. The positive "publicity" and customer loyalty that comes from accepting your mistake and correcting it in the customer's favor make up for any money you lose from the mistake itself.

Don't Undo Your Hard Work

There are, of course, other business practices that can put you in a positive or negative light. The bottom line is to make your policies and daily actions are atten­tive to community reputation and customer loyalty. Avoid undoing the hard work you put into building your practice’s reputation.

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