Background checks for new physician employees

A recent Medical Economics ( poll asked the following question: If a job applicant will be handling money, do you check his/her credit report and criminal record? The answers were as follows:

52% Yes, I try to get as much information as I can.

8% I have no idea; the office manager handles that.

36% No, I contact a reference or two, but that's going to far.

4% No, I don't bother checking references; my people sense is pretty keen.

"My people sense is pretty keen"???? Is this doctor crazy or what? No wonder embezzlement is rampant in medical practices (it's just not been caught yet!). The answer to this poll question should have been 100% YES, I do check credit and criminal backgrounds before hiring any employee that will be touching money in my medical practice. Anything less is just being lazy and careless.

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