Balancing Life, Work, and Relationships

As many know, I have used this blog as a recepticle for ideas, observations, recommendations, and insights about physician medical practices. In other words, I want one place everyone can go to review and discuss medical practice business issues. But every now and then it’s nice to get off the subject when something comes across your desk that you feel everyone needs to hear about. I think everyone should subscribe to BALANCING ACT: BLENDING LIFE, WORK, AND RELATIONSHIPS. This is a free monthly newsletter about balancing life, work, and relationships based on the books and popular workshops conducted by Alan Weiss, Ph.D. Here is a little something from his most recent newsletter:

Interludes on balance:

– If you don’t treat yourself well, why would you expect others to treat you well?

– When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Most things can simply wait a while.

– The constant feeling that you should be doing something; is usually an indicator that you feel you don’t deserve to simply be idle and think.

– Always leave others wanting more of you. There’s nothing more pathetic than the eternally needy who never want to surrender the spotlight, stop bathing in attention, or simply go home.

– It may just be me, but I’m not familiar with anyone who ever learned much while speaking.

– I’ve never seen an organization with unhappy employees and happy customers.

– Moving to the next level” means being defeated at times by people who are better than you, and not continually beating those whom you’ve always beaten in the past.

– Don’t look now, but those things you were always going to get around to achieving are still there, but the time horizon is much shorter than it used to be.

– I’m told that most people who die on Mt. Everest die on the way DOWN, not on the ascent.

– Listen to reason. Go with your gut. They sound antithetical. But perhaps the best decisions are those where logic sets the parameters and passion guides the alternatives.

– If you’ve planned your vacation down to the last detail, you’re not really on vacation, you’re on some kind of maneuver.

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