Be sure to code out all physician services rendered

I am a preacher that all medical practices should code out and bill all services that are rendered per the CPT code book, unless of course such coding is not permitted per Medicare's Correct Coding Initiative (CCI). There is absolutely no reason why any medical practice should lose revenue as a result of this.

The following is a listserv exchange from yesterday that pretty much sums this up:

"Are you charging for 99051 for weekend hours?  If so, what kind of success are you having. We have found that some carriers will pay and some will not."

"We are charging for it. Some insurance companies pay; some don’t. I am of the opinion that we should charge all applicable CPT codes to all carriers [emphasis added] unless it is specifically prohibited by the CCI. It is definitely worth it for us. We have had a few complaints, but most parents [i.e. patients] understand when we explain that we bill everyone equally according to how CPT instructs us to bill, regardless of whether insurance pays. On the insurance side, I have been fighting for payment for this over and over again, since if we weren’t open, the patients would be in the ER. It’s a slow process, but I’m not giving up."

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