Choose a signaling system to enhance productivity


To improve productivity, consider installing a light signaling system with computer interfaces at your practice. Having relied on the "shout-down-the-hall" method for years, you may find it hard to imagine how light signaling can help make your office—whether new or old—more time-effective. However, a light signaling system for room sequencing allows nurses and physicians to function more independently in these ways:

  • One can signal the other remotely without knowing his or her exact location.
  • A light signal’s non-intrusive nature allows the doctor to ignore it—if it’s in the patient’s best interest to do so.
  • The physician can summon help without alarming the whole office.
  • He or she can convey follow-up instructions to the nurse without tracking him or her down, and the nurse can fill the orders while the doctor moves on to the next patient.

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