CMS updates flu shot codes

Carriers will begin paying for a pediatric flu vaccination code while the value of a nasal influenza vaccination code will go up, according to Transmittal 1461 to the CMS Claims Processing Manual.

CMS instructed carriers to accept 90669 (pneumococcal vacc., ped., $78.80) for the reporting of pediatric pneumococcal vaccine, for children ages 5 and under. This is effective for all dates of service beginning Jan. 1, 2008. The agency also increased the Part B payment for 90660 (flu vaccine, nasal) to $22.03 from $21.17.

If the primary purpose of an office visit is to receive a vaccine, or if a vaccine code is the only service billed for the visit, you can use diagnosis code V03.82 for pneumococcus or V06.6 for pneumococcus and influenza.

Transmittal 1461: //

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