Consider adding a sub-waiting area to improve turnaround time

Add a secondary waiting area to speed up turnaround time

Staff spend a lot of time escorting patients to and from exam rooms, and this process can be very slow, especially for patients suffering from joint or respiratory problems. Put a sub-waiting area near the exam rooms and move your slower patients there. Then, when the exam room opens, you'll improve turnaround time.

Check your clinical area layout, and, if possible, place your doctor's work area at the end of the flow system. This minimizes the chance of staff lining up outside the exam room door waiting to ask the physician a question, and it even cuts down on patient interruptions as they enter and leave the exam area. Also consider locating your nurse's station where nurses can observe patient flow in and out of clinical areas.

To enhance patient flow and optimize your practice's efficiency, consider reviewing and refining your clinical area layout. At REED TINSLEY, CPA, we specialize in helping medical practices like yours streamline operations for improved performance.

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