Consider hiring a floor manager for your office

Here’s an intriguing practice management idea: Appoint someone to be the “floor manager,” responsible for overseeing all staff as they process patients during office hours. I know what you are thinking – in today’s environemnet of declining reimbursement, you want me to increase my overhead????

A floor manager is an onsite operating officer who manages/supervises the patient visits for optimal customer service and group productivity. He or she watches exam room turnover, reminds an assistant to fill the emptied rooms, smooths out a bottleneck of patients waiting for lab work, ensures that the minor procedure room is ready when needed, and makes certain nurses and assistants are on hand when one or more are on break or otherwise tied up.

Simply put, he or she is expected to keep the rooms filled and the ancillary units busy (i.e. HELP INCREASE THE REVENUE OF THE PHYSICIAN OFFICE!)

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