Contract negotiating tips when dealing with HSAs

Although there may be opportunities to negotiate with patients in terms of fees, most HSA products will be tied to PPO networks. Look at how your contracts are written - Examine what the contract says regarding the following:

  • Your responsibility to collect deductibles and copays. This is a contractual obligation, so be clear about how and when you are supposed to do this. You can't simply waive copays, even if it's only for certain patients.
  • How to find out whether a patient has a high deductible. This is critical. You're going to have larger carriers offering many more types of deductible products, and it's going to be a real challenge to the front-office staff.
  • What your limitations are when collecting deductibles and copays - Some plans want the claims adjudicated first, before you collect the copay or deductible.

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