Create an achievement list for potential partners

As a physician leader, work together with a new physician to identify the attributes and performance characteristics that will confirm progress towards becoming a partner. Put those goals in writing so each of you will have a copy.

The list should show what progress you expect for promotion to the next level, presumably senior associate or member status. Many of the goals may be subjective, for partnership or its equivalent is both a personal and an intangible relationship. Still, you can make the goals as specific as possible and list them for subjective review and quarterly discussion.

Here are some goals to consider for your new physician's list:

  • Acceptance by the patients and by referrers
  • Commitment of time
  • Handling of managed care plans' details
  • Willingness to promote the practice
  • Rating on utilization and outcomes reports
  • Efficiency in handling patients
  • Entrepreneurial involvement

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