Customer service can reduce a physician’s liability

Our experience in working through thousand of malpractice cases, available data, and interviews with top plaintiffs’ attorneys reveals that communication errors and service lapses usually are what cause plaintiffs to go to a lawyer in the first place. Lawyers look for service lapses when deciding whether to accept a case, and experts have an easier time finding fault. Ultimately, lapses can easily affect the way jurors evaluate a case.

Improved service and communication are at the core of a five-stare service culture. They will help to control malpractice exposure and will lessen the severity of every claim that you may have.

Patients who feel that their physician and the practices care about them and treat them well are more likely to seek guidance from the treating doctor when a complication occurs. On the other hand, if the relationship has already been strained, such complications can cause the patient who had pent-up anger or frustration to head to a lawyer’s office with horror stories about how mismanaged the physician’s practice is and how that mismanagement led to a terrible outcome.

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