Customer Service Traing Product for Physician Office Staff

Looking for a good training program for your physician office staff, check out "It's a "Dog's World Program" at The following is a description of the program taken from the vendor's website:

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Your healthcare organization is up against a lot of competition these days. How can you collar a bigger share of the market? The answer is patient satisfaction. Simple things like friendly faces, accommodating service and smooth-running operations are what counts. Patients judge your organization based upon how they are treated, as well as on your technical expertise. The key to delivering patient-endorsed service is training.

But there's a trick to training; you can't bark at people and tell them they're doing it all wrong. The best way to reach people and make them receptive to learning is through humor. So get everyone together and switch on the VCR. Open all eyes to even the subtlest differences between quality patient service and, well...being treated worse than a dog.

You'll take a look at a day-in-the-lives of Bob and Max, two patients seen by two very different healthcare organizations. Bob is treated like a dog at his healthcare facility, and Max gets the royal treatment at his vet's office. In the dog's world, every nuance of the quality service philosophy is practiced in memorable detail. And, in an unfortunate way, so is the quality of service for his master.

Made exclusively for healthcare trainers, this film will relax your audience from the start, then open minds to the serious bottom-line message -- patient satisfaction is central to your organization's survival.

Viewers will learn:

  • the components of good and poor patient service
  • the consequences of poor service
  • how patients judge the quality of healthcare
  • the value of continued quality improvement

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