Do you have an employee cell phone policy for your physician office?

Most of my clients have a policy against excessive cell phone usage, including texting and being online via the cell phone.  Some have a cell phone policy that the staff is to have their cell phones off at all times during clinic hours while in the clinic.  Staff is free to use their cell phones during breaks and lunch, however, they have to be out of the clinic or in the break room.

You should recognize that everyone, every now and then, needs to make a text or call to family members, kids, etc.  But, if you see employees excessively doing this they should be subject to the practice's disciplinary policy of verbal, written and then ultimately termination.  You should be especially stringent at the front desk and patient care areas when patients are present.  If an employee must take or make a call, you should ask that they step into a private area and be as quick as possible but absolutely no cell phone activity in the presence of patients.

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