Five questions reveal how well applicants comprehend insurance billing


I’m a big believer in “situational” interviewing – asking applicants how they would handle certain situations. Asking real world questions and seeing if the applicant knows the answer.

So how can you tell if a job applicant will make a good biller in your practice? Finding one who can do more than just input numbers into the computer takes careful screening. Try these six basic questions to help evaluate an applicant’s general insurance knowledge and ability “think on his/her feet”:

1. Can you define HMO and PPO, and explain the difference between the two?

2. What is a co-payment?

3. How do you ask a patient for the co-payment/deductible?

4. What questions do you believe are the most important to ask an insurance company when verifying patient insurance?

5. What, in your opinion, are the most important characteristics in hiring a billing staff employee?

6. How do you would follow up on unpaid insurance claims?

Have questions? I’m here to help.