Good old fashioned patient customer service

What do your patients experience when they visit your practice? More importantly, how do they remember your practice? Or, do they remember you at all? Most medical practices understand that negative patient experiences can hurt the reputation of their practice and cost them valuable patients. However, in this changing economic climate, practices that have the mind-set of thinking as long as their patients are satisfied, they are doing well, are losing money! If your practice is not creating an outstanding experience for your patients they remember and they share with their circle of influences, you are missing out on growing your practice. It’s about taking small steps that set you apart from other practices and make the patient’s experience one that stays with them after walking out your doors.

  1. Do you take customer service (and internal interactions with your co-workers) to the next level?
  2. Do you identify opportunities to create personal health experiences that increase patient loyalty?
  3. Do you understand how perceptions, demographics and culture can affect patients' ideas of "best service"?

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