HcPro Needlestick Prevention Training Video


Needle and sharp injuries pose the most serious threat to healthcare workers. Occupational blood exposures increase the risk of life-threatening infections and add immense psychological burdens. And they are expensive. It can cost between $500 and $3,000 to initially treat a heathcare worker for a single contaminated needlestick, according to the CDC. That does not include extended treatment should seroconversion occur. Nor does it factor in lost productivity, possible associated litigation or OSHA violations.

In only 15 minutes, Needlestick Prevention Training Video instructs frontline healthcare staff on the basics of needlestick and sharps injury prevention. Highlighting the five most frequent needlestick scenarios, your staff will learn valuable information on how to avoid needlesticks—and what to do when one occurs.

With this brand new training video your staff will benefit from:

  • Concise explanation of OSHA and CDC compliant sharps injury prevention regulations
  • Up-to-date secondary prevention technology
  • Instruction on proper needlestick prevention techniques, behaviors, and situations to avoid.

A bonus CD-ROM includes tools and evaluation forms for sharps safety programs, an employee quiz, prevention and post-exposure posters, and real needlestick stories from healthcare workers.

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