How To Create A Home Inventory Just In Case

Do you know every single item you own - and would you be able to remember it all if you had to recall from memory? Taking a detailed home inventory requires making a thorough list of everything you own, including a description, serial number, and estimated value. Having this inventory can save lots of time and headaches after a home fire, robbery, flood, or other disaster, but it's also a good exercise to make sure you have enough home insurance and for tax purposes, if necessary.

Taking The Inventory: Walk through every room in your house. Write down, take pictures or video, and/or create an audio recording of every single item. A visual inventory provides a more detailed overview of your belongings. Expensive items like jewelry and collectibles should be photographed from several angles.

Get Technical: A number of apps make it even easier to keep track of your personal items using photos, bar codes, and sorting options. These apps include American Family Insurance's Dream Vault (Android/iOS), Sortly (iOS), The Home Inventory (Android), and Know Your Stuff (Android/iOS). For Android, go to:

and for iOS, go to:

Note Prices And Serial Numbers: Keeping purchase receipts makes it easier to record how much you paid for each item. Look up the prices of those items for which you are unsure, and don't forget to make a note each time something new is added to your home.

Store The List: Keep your list updated and stored in a safe or bank deposit box. Don't forget to keep a digital back-up in an accessible location as well.

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