How to get physician credentialing applications processed quickly

Waiting for approval on credentialing applications can be an exercise in frustration, Consider the following five tips to help lessen your anxiety:

1. If the physician whom you are credentialing has just moved to your state, have him or her apply for a state license prior to relocation.

2. Submit the application as early as possible. Some insurance companies can take six months or longer to process an application.

3. Make sure that the application is complete and accurate. Collect all resource information that you will need to complete the form ahead of time (i.e., a current curriculum vitae from the physician, including Social Security number, Medicare Unique Physician Identification Number [UPIN], schools attended [to and from dates], and addresses, names, and addresses of former employers).

4. Include all requested documentation with the original application. Failure to include required licenses and certifications can delay the process.

5. Once submitted, follow up with the provider relations office of the insurance company to confirm receipt of your application and check its status in the process.

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