How to handle emergent add-on patients

Emergent patients are those that come to you suddenly and unexpectedly with an acute sickness which, without immediate attention, could threaten their lives or result in a permanent disability. Make sure you follow these steps when admitting an emergent patient:

  1. If there are any open appointment slots for urgent care, or if an on-call physician is on duty, schedule the patient as an emergent.
  2. If there are no appointment slots available, ask for an urgent-care physician or an on-call provider.
  3. On his or her chart, place a red sticker in the top right corner with an appropriate emergency code and circle it, so that your nurses and physicians are aware.
  4. If your patient is able, collect the necessary co-pay at check-in, and then direct the patient to the trauma room if a nurse is not available to do so.

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