Is your clinical physician office staff acting humanely with each and every patient?

So, is your clinical physician office staff and you doctor) acting humanely with each and every patient that it treated in the office every day? Probably sometimes yes and probably sometimes no I bet. Is there consistency? I hope so because the patient experience is so important now to those who go see a doctor, even your Medicare patients.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when treating patients in your office – after all the daily chaos of a physician’s office makes it so easy to forget:

  • Treat the patient like a family member, with dignity and respect;
  • Be gentle and honest;
  • Don’t rush;
  • Make them comfortable;
  • Acknowledge their fear;
  • Don’t sit behind a desk;
  • Encourage them to ask questions; and
  • Grade yourself by how you feel when you leave the room. If you leave with a smile, give yourself an A.

Have questions? I’m here to help.