July Medicare payments on hold until July 15th


From: Hall, Elizabeth P. (CMS/OL) <elizabeth.hall@cms.hhs.gov>
Sent: Fri Jun 27 19:09:32 2008
Subject: Hill Notification: CMS Actions on Processing of Physician Claims


House and Senate Notification

Friday, June 27, 2008

To:       Senate Finance Committee

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House Energy and Commerce Committee
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From:   Elizabeth P. Hall
Director, Office of Legislation
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Re:       CMS Actions on Processing of Physician Claims

We apologize for sending a notification this late in the day on a Friday before a Congressional recess.   However, we have received numerous questions throughout the day regarding how we will handle physician claims in the coming days. Therefore we want to share the following information as soon as possible.

To the extent possible, CMS wants to work with Congress, health care providers and the beneficiary community to avoid any disruption in the delivery and payment of physician and non-physician practitioner services beginning on July 1.  In this regard, the agency plans to instruct its contractors to not process any physician and non-physician practitioner claims for the first 10 business days of July. Under current law, electronic claims are not to be paid any sooner than 14 days (29 days for paper claims) and not later than the 30th day they are submitted (otherwise, CMS must pay interest on those claims).  By holding claims for health care services that are delivered on or after July 1, CMS will not be making any payments on the 10.6 percent reduction until July 15, at the earliest. Meanwhile, all claims for services delivered on or before June 30 will be processed and paid in regular order.

In addition to the temporary hold on July claims, CMS is considering additional actions the agency can take to address other expiring Medicare and Medicaid provisions.  We should be able to provide you with a complete list of those actions on Monday.

We will continue to keep you informed regarding any additional action CMS might take with regard to physician claims or other July 1 expirations.

Again, we apologize for the late hour of this notification. For questions or additional information, please contact Don Johnson (202-690-5500 or Donald.Johnson@CMS.HHS.GOV ) in the CMS Office of Legislation.  Thank you

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