OCR’s Iliana Peters Shares a HIPAA Enforcement Update

HHS Office for Civil Rights Senior Advisor for HIPAA Compliance and Enforcement, Iliana Peters, recently sat down with the HCCA’s Compliance Institute to give an enforcement update.

Topics include:

• Recent cases and settlements reflecting ongoing compliance and enforcement issues
• The importance of enterprise-wide risk analysis and safeguards required by the Security Rule
• Privacy and disclosure issues (and tips for getting employees to understand who, what, where, and when they may disclose)
• Breach trends and issues with cybersecurity
• The scary business of removable media like laptops, thumb drives, and cell phones (if it can walk away, it will)
• Guidance on PMI research programs and the “All of US” campaign (How do you protect information when HIPAA doesn’t cover it?)
• Advice for dealing with Certified EHR Technology

You may find and download the podcast here: http://complianceandethics.org/peters-ocr-enforcement-update/


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