Open Payments Data Update

On January 18, CMS updated the Open Payments dataset to reflect changes to the data that took place since the last publication in June 2018. Use the Open Payments Search Tool to view the data. The refreshed dataset includes:

  • Record updates: Changes to non-disputed records made on or before November 15
  • Disputed records: Updated information for dispute resolutions completed on or before December 31
  • Record deletions: Removed records deleted before December 31

The Search Tool is updated with the following features:

  • Query builder: Conduct payment searches not tied to an entity. The results organize payments by program year with the option to download the results for additional analysis.
  • Entity profile updates: Payment types are converted to tabs to make this data easier to access and navigate. The summary table is consolidated with the top summary section and accessible by a “table” toggle button. The Nature of Payment chart includes a “company filter.”

For More Information:

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