Physician office human resource management gone mad

I recently ran across the following listserv posting:

I recently had several employees accuse each other of playing games, web surfing, etc. during work time. I took matters into hand, and installed computer activity monitoring software (Activity Monitor by Deep Software)…and waited. A week after the incident I pulled up all of the applications launched, sites visited, etc. of both employees…and found the guilty party! I brought her into my office and showed her the PC’s activity in her office…and she blew a gasket! She told me it was an invasion of her privacy to monitor her PC and that she was getting an attorney; I told her “both her computer and her time on the job are company property and suspect to scrutiny by management…and, oh…by the way, you’re fired!”


It went through the office like wildfire that I could (and was) monitoring computer activity…and has since created one heck-of-an uproar. I had let the physician owners know what I was up to prior to engaging in espionage (and monitored with their blessings)…but some of the staff now seems on suspicious edge (one of them asked me if I was installing hidden wireless cameras too!).


To me, all’s fair in the game of cat & mouse when it comes to monitoring work ethic and habits in the office, but some feel that computer monitoring is a sign of management distrust…and they don’t like it (even the non-guilty ones)…your thoughts????

Here is my thought: The practice needs to get a new practice administrator!!!  Is this all this guy has to do with his time? Aren’t there many more important things a practice adminstrator ought to be doing for his or her practice rather than playing internet cop? Let me here your thoughts on this one!!

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