Practice start ups – finding the right counsel

This actually is a critical component to getting off on the right foot.  That is, making sure that you have the correct legal and business structure that will work with the entity that you are trying to organize.  If you are new to the area, my recommendation would be to go to the local medical society to find out what Healthcare Attorneys or CPAs have a large focus on healthcare and are available in your area. You might also ask hospital administration or a colleague for a recommendation. Making certain that your Attorney and CPA have a healthcare background can be very critical to you.  Not necessarily in the initial corporate documents because many people can provide those to you as well as tax advice but in the long term making certain that those individuals are focused on the healthcare industry.  Things change so frequently that it is important to have someone who has that kind of background. If you are from the area, look to your peers for advice.  They are going to be able to tell you some of the best stories, the good and bad.   So, it is important that you look for those who have a strong background in healthcare.  It will make a difference in the long run.

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