Remember, referring doctors are customers and friends

Although the best way to cement the loyalty of physicians who refer patients to you involves giving each referred patient your quality medical skill in a pleasant manner, a little special nurturing helps. How can you thank referrers without overdoing it? Try these suggestions:

  • Send a personal, handwritten note or card of thanks. In it, express your appreciation and thanks for some great cases, giving an example or two.
  • Find out his or her special interest or hobby. Send a related gift along with a note or card, and you don't have to wait until the holidays.
  • Give a magazine or newsletter subscription. Include a note saying why you chose that particular text. Your referrer will have you in mind when looking at it.
  • Remember the referrer's staff. Send a special gift, such as a popcorn popper. Their good feelings toward you will help set the tone for the doctor.
  • Invite frequent referrers to special events. Send them tickets to ballgames or shows, or invite them to accompany you depending on how well you know them.
  • Above all else, report back to referrers promptly.

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