Is Your Medical Practice Providing 5-Star Service? You might want to buy this book

You must increase the level of customer service in your medical practice, but where to start?

In the past, Five-Star Service was perhaps one of the most underestimated concepts in the healthcare industry. Not anymore. Five-Star customer service is something we all demand in our everyday lives – in our homes, businesses, and personal lives – and now it is becoming one of the cornerstones of healthcare delivery.

But in your healthcare practice, you can launch your own “Operation Five-Star” with this new book, by best-selling authors James Saxton and Maggie Finkelstein. Combining the “why should we focus on this?” with the commonsense “how to do it,” you’ll find real-world cases that show how practices and hospitals have succeeded with Operation Five-Star. The book provides practical information and tools to build service excellence in the health care setting, and simultaneously help healthcare providers to mitigate liability risk.

Must read sections include post-adverse event communication and disclosure, how to appreciate cultural differences in your patient population, and how to engage staff in enhancing internal and external Five-Star service, consistently and pervasively.

The post-ACA environment focus on quality of care and efficiencies, tied to reimbursement, means the Five-Star service concept for physicians and other healthcare providers now takes on great significance. With this book, in convenient print or eBook, James Saxton and Maggie Finkelstein describe proven techniques to seize control in the practice and create the best possible experience for patients.

The book is directed to physicians, hospital risk managers, physician practice office administrators and managers, patient experience leaders and officers, hospitals, medical societies, hospital associations, and medical professional liability insurers.

What you’ll get with Operation Five-Star:
• An affordable way to jump-start your service excellence program
• Carefully designed and an easy-read; not time consuming
• A pathway for incorporating a five-star service culture in the medical practice
• Provides practical tips that can be used immediately
• Highlights real-life scenarios in various healthcare settings, where five-star is has been successful
• Identifies common barriers to attaining a five-star culture and provides tools and strategies to mitigate those barriers
• Provides an analysis of why five-star culture is important in today’s post-ACA environment so that doctors, leaders, and staff can get the buy-in from their organizations

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