Seven ways to improve your reception area without breaking the bank

7 Tips for a Welcoming Medical Office

What kind of atmosphere does your medical office provide for patients? Avoid extremes: A utilitarian approach might result in a cold, sterile feel. A luxury approach might lead patients to think, "Oh -- so that's why my doctor bills are so high!" Here are seven ways you can improve your reception area without a major overhaul:

1. Organize seating into sub-groups.

2. Provide most seating in individual chairs with side arms to help patients push themselves up more easily.

3. Pay attention to "personal space" when arranging seating. Allow some room between chairs so patients don't feel all crowded together.

4. Provide plenty of lighting for the reception area. Bright (not harsh) light helps a room appear cleaner and makes reading easier -- especially for older patients.

5. Include artwork by local artists -- and change it regularly.

6. Design the office so patients can intuitively see where they should go.

7. Install windows or glass blocks at your office entrance so patients can see the space before they enter.

Enhancing the atmosphere of your medical office can make a big difference in patient satisfaction. For tailored advice and expert guidance on optimizing your practice's environment, trust REED TINSLEY, CPA.

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