Teambuilding Idea for Physician Practices

Ran across this email post today and thought I would pass it on; a great idea to try.

There were some questions about team building exercises last week; This was a big hit for our staff meeting this month.

The people in charge of our morale and team building for the month did the coolest thing. The passed out a “personal fact quiz” to everyone on Monday and it was due back by Tuesday afternoon. Each personnel were asked to tell a personal fact that no one would know about them, that they were willing to share with the world. Then we were given the quiz and had to match the fact to the person…… WHAT A HOOT!

Some of our facts:   I spent the night in a submarine, I can blow air out of my eye, I lettered for 4 years in band and never played an instrument, I once owned over 100 rabbits……oh my gosh, the list goes on and on.

There were people laughing so hard that one girl was crying and another had to leave to go to the bathroom…

Have questions? I’m here to help.