The FISH philosophy for physician practices

Want some good customer training for your employees? Check out The site has some great training videos based on the best selling "FISH" book series. FISH began in Seattle, Washington at the Pike Place fish market (where they throw whole 20lb fish 30' over the heads of the customers from the cooler to the wrapping guy). Through empowerment and a willingness for staff to take control of their own positions they became world famous.

The four philosophies of FISH are:

1. Play (enjoy your work and be creative...creativity leads to efficiency);

2. Make their day! It doesn't take much to make anyone feel special;

3. Be there! When you are with someone make sure it is them that you are concentrating on; Its kind of like being with your best friend.; and

4. Choose your attitude! Make the choice to be happy. Choose to make your

It's a great emotional balance/addition to a rationale quality management program.

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