Uniforms or not, your physician practice needs a dress code

Although everyone’s interpretation of “professional” differs, you need a clear dress code policy in your office. It doesn’t matter whether your staff wears uniforms or street clothes to work as long as both the physicians and practice manager agree on what’s appropriate. Start your dress code policy by defining the following:

  • What uniform pieces, if any, are required
  • Appropriate footwear—closed-toe shoes with socks or panty hose, no sandals
  • No revealing clothing, no shorts, and no see-through, low-cut, or tank tops
  • Tasteful (minimal) makeup for women
  • Avoiding fragrances, which can bother people with allergies
  • Jewelry—no more than two earrings per ear (women only) and one bracelet per wrist
  • Long hair (on men and women ) pulled back for cleanliness

Before making hard and fast rules, get staff input, and have everyone read, sign, and date your finished policy. Give staffers copies of the policy to keep at home so they can refer to it whenever necessary.

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