Upcoming Managed Care Contracting Seminar for Physician Offices

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Managed Care Contracting
Brokering the Best Deal Using a Value Plan Presentation

A 90-minute audioconference on March 7, 2006
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Gain the upper hand in managed care contracting
Whether you are in the process of obtaining new payer contracts or simply fighting for better rates, you owe it to your organization to attend Managed Care Contracting: Brokering the Best Deal Using a Value Plan Presentation on Tuesday, March 7, 2006. It will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to promote your organization's distinctive value in an extremely competitive healthcare services and managed care market.

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During this valuable 90-minute audioconference, expert Vickie Axsom-Brown, CDC, will describe in detail the benefits, the development, and the effective use of a value plan presentation. This audioconference will explain how collecting and presenting information and data can demonstrate your organization's market impact and value. Earn the respect of your payers and convince them that they need you in their network.

Register today to learn how developing a value plan presentation can help you shift the power in managed care negotiations, and help you get the contracts and the rates you deserve. Plus, you’ll receive the following tools:


  1. Think outside the box challenge to develop a memorable value plan/presentation.
  2. Value plan/presentation process description and development guidelines.
  3. Data collection checklist
  4. Resources reference list
  5. Practical presentation template

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