Upcoming Physician Compensation Seminar

A good physician is worth the price
Physician practices like yours are struggling to attract and retain qualified doctors. During a physician shortage, top doctors have more job offers and increased leverage in determining compensation. In this competitive recruiting environment, it may be tempting to hire the first doctor willing to sign on. But doing so not only puts your practice at risk, it also undermines the quality of care your patients receive. However, a prolonged vacancy also hurts your bottom line and can drive patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

Get strategies for recruiting success
Join HealthLeaders Media April 10 for the live audioconference,
Design a Compensation Package to Recruit Top Doctors. This 60-minute program will offer practical tips on how to create a competitive compensation offer to potential hires. Learn how not to oversell or undersell a physician on your facility, and get advice for closing the right deal. Our expert speakers will outline strategies for getting physicians to accept your offer, and will address the differences between primary care recruitment and specialty recruitment.

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  1. Determining primary compensation levels
    1. External benchmarks: National and regional salary surveys
    2. Internal benchmarks: Current physicians’ salary history
  2. Determining supplemental compensation incentives
    1. Malpractice insurance/tail coverage
    2. Relocation bonuses
    3. Signing bonuses
    4. Loan repayment
  3. Presenting the compensation package
    1. Identifying a point person for negotiations
    2. Non-negotiable items (e.g., non-compete clause, fringe benefits coverage, etc.)
    3. Negotiable items (e.g., office hours, outside income limits, academic appointments, etc.)
  4. Live Q&A

At the conclusion of this audioconference, participants will be able to

  • understand the marketplace
  • create a compensation package to attract physicians
  • present a compensation package in an attractive manner

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