Upcoming Stark & Anti-Kickback 101

The Stark statute – aimed at preventing physician conflicts of interest – is full of legal “gray” areas that threaten a physician’s livelihood. Furthermore, Stark holds you liable regardless of intent, meaning you can inadvertently violate the law without knowledge or malice, yet still face the full consequences of payment denials, refunds, fines, and exclusions.

Now one of the nation’s most recognized authorities on physician fraud and abuse law will team with CMS’s top Stark official to explain – in everyday terms – the purpose of Stark, how it differs from the anti-kickback statute, and how to tell when either law applies to you. They also will clarify the key terms you must understand and outline the most important exceptions and safe harbors.

This 90-minute audio conference – presented by Charles Oppenheim of Foley & Lardner and Don Romano, the Director of the CMS Division of Technical Payment Policy – will include:

  • How the anti-kickback law differs from Stark – and why it’s important to know the difference
  • Three elements required for an anti-kickback violation
  • Potential consequences of violating the anti-kickback law
  • What safe harbors are available to you
  • Definitions of key terms, including “financial relationship”, “group practice”, and “fair market value”
  • Self-referral prohibitions under Stark
  • Types of Designated Health Services covered by Stark
  • Types of physicians covered by Stark
  • Penalties for Stark violations
  • Explanation and analysis of key exceptions, including:
    * Acceptable compensation arrangements
    * Selected ownership exceptions
    * In-office ancillary services
  • Structuring arrangements to comply with the law
  • When “per click” arrangements are permissible
  • Anticipated changes for physician recruitment
  • Current Stark enforcement initiatives at CMS


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