Why Can’t Physicians Get Along?

I just finished up a 5 day trial as an expert witness in case involving two local physicians. They were office sharing and when one doctor left, the other demanded that he pay up the shared overhead that was still unpaid at the time of departure. Of course a lawsuit resulted. The doctor that left countersued saying that the office screwed up his billing and collections during the shared office period and as such, he was due damages.

A special master was appointed by the court and his report showed that the departing doctor owed approximately $133,000 in shared overhead and the doctor in the office owed the departing doctor approximately $60,000 related to the billing and collection issues.

The case goes to the jury today..........

Keep this in mind - the doctor remaining in the office to date HAS SPENT $330,000 in legal fees so far on this case; the departing doctor HAS SPENT $429,000 in legal fees on this case to date. THREE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS on this little case?????????????  I was flabbergasted when I heard this testimony in court!!!


1. Why didn't these guys settle this case?  Even when tensions are running high, somebody has to have a little common sense.

2. Why can't physicians get along? It just proves my long standing point - money disputes almost always leads to something like this and it's the lawyers and professinals like me that win out in the end.

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