Workplace Harassment Issues Training Toolkit

Let's face it, workplace harassment does happen. If you think you are having this problem, this Toolkit from the EEOC is a user-friendly package containing all the elements needed for you to provide your managers, supervisors and employees a comprehensive course addressing all forms of harassment in the workplace.   This course is an essential component of a company's efforts to limit liability while building a more productive and profitable workplace.

Toolkit includes:

  • Comprehensive Instructor's Manual designed for use by trainers at various levels of EEO and training experience.  The detailed presentation text includes teaching suggestions and instructional directions that make it easy for anyone to train.
  • Participant Workbooks, 15 included, contains the introductory quiz and then follows along with the slide show presentation and "real world" scenarios that are integrated into the session.  It also includes the answers to the quiz and all of the scenarios.
  • Workplace Harassment Issues Essential Guide desk references, 15 included, stand alone as instructive guides on the laws governing workplace harassment.  The desk reference translates the Instructor's Manual into a plain English text suitable for employees and managers.
  • CD-Rom slide showWorkplace Harassment Issues Training Toolkit ... $ 499.95
    Extra Set of Participant Workbook and Essential Guide ... $ 29.95

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