Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan

Have a plan for your financial records People should put together an emergency preparedness plan for their household and include copies of their vital records and financial information. By creating... Read More >

Three Retirement Planning Costs

Expenses Might Change in Retirement Some retirement expenses are easy to plan for. You ve probably considered how your healthcare needs may change, or whether living expenses may be higher... Read More >

Retirement and Required Minimum Distributions

What you need to know about Required Minimum Distributions When individuals enter retirement, some forget about the required minimum distribution rules. Required Minimum Distributions RMDs are minimum amounts you must... Read More >

Collecting Patient Responsibility

Patient Responsibility Estimating and collecting patient responsibility is a challenging task. Not only must you collect money directly from your patients but also you need to ensure patient satisfaction that... Read More >

Strategies to Improve Physician Practice Collections

Effective Collections Strategy for Physician Practices Declining reimbursement, increasing deductibles and copayments, healthcare reform, rising accounts receivable, and slow paying patients. Sound familiar? Maximizing revenue is critical for small and... Read More >

5 Hard Questions You Need to Ask

Reflective Questions to Think Through Every Day I was thinking about hard questions the other day. You know, those questions people ask you where you can t give a right... Read More >

Financial Pitfalls in the New Year

Watch out for these Financial Pitfalls in the New Year As people move through different stages of life, there are new financial opportunities and potential pitfalls around every corner. Here... Read More >

Another Look at Accountable Plans

Accountable Plans Owners and key employees sometimes pay for business-related expenses using personal funds and credit cards. Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act TCJA of , many employees and... Read More >

Medical Practice Metrics and KPIs

Another View of Medical Practice Metrics With the advent of modern practice management software, there is no limit to the metrics data your practice can measure. Unlimited data, however, can... Read More >

November 2022 Newsletter

The November Edition of the Physician Advocate Autumn is here and the holidays are just around the corner. Stay ready for the end of the year with our latest newsletter... Read More >

2023 401(k) and IRA Changes

k and IRA Changes The amount individuals can contribute to their k plans in will increase to , up from , for . The income ranges for determining eligibility to... Read More >

Differentiation of the Patient Experience

Can a successful practice be achieved in the competitive medical field? Physicians and medical managers are being challenged with the changing economic climate, shrinking reimbursements and increasing costs of doing... Read More >

October 2022 Newsletter

The October Edition of The Physician Advocate Autumn is here and it s back to school time It s never too early to start end of the year tax planning,... Read More >