Employee Theft

Are Any of your Employees Robbing you? Perhaps even one who smiles at you, seems like a team player, and is the last one you d suspect? Although many physicians... Read More >

IRS, Tax Season, and Phone Scams

It s the Season for Criminals Posing as the IRS With the new tax season starting this week, the IRS reminds taxpayers to be aware that criminals continue to make... Read More >

January 2022 Newsletter

Happy New Year We glad to be here and we look forward to a year ahead A lot has been happening in the physician practice world. We cover the important... Read More >

Is Your Employee Morale Lagging?

Watch for These Signs of Low Morale You strive for a fair and equitable workplace to help attract and retain employees, drive productivity, and comply with federal, state, and local... Read More >

Tax Security Awareness

Tax Security The IRS and its Security Summit partners recently held the annual National Tax Security Awareness Week. One of the key messages this year was even if someone doesn... Read More >

November 2021 Newsletter

November Edition of the Physician Advocate We are enjoyed stepping into the holiday season down here in Texas by celebrating Thanksgiving. November was a packed month, here is what was... Read More >

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) FAQs

FAQs about Health Savings Accounts HSA Health savings accounts can be a potentially advantageous option for high-income earners considering tax-saving strategies. Planning for the future? Get to know more about... Read More >

5 Quick Tips For a Clean Claim

Tips for Filing a Clean Claim Errors in physician billing are common. One of the most common errors is the failure to electronically file a clean claim. Sample Texas law... Read More >

Checklist for a Profitable Medical Practice

Plan for a Profitable Medical Practice A successful medical practice no longer happens by chance. Profitable operations for any physician practice today demands planning, analysis, forethought, a defined direction and... Read More >

October 2021 Newsletter

October Edition of the Physician Advocate Fall is in full swing here in Texas We hope you are enjoying the cooler temps and taking time to see the fall colors.... Read More >

How to Close Your Business

Closing a Business Closing your business can be a difficult and challenging task. The IRS has resources that can help you navigate this. Below you ll find the steps you... Read More >

Avoid Bad Business Practices

Don t let Bad Business Practices Undermine Your Group Your medical practice or group works hard to settle on a sound market ing plan and your physicians pride themselves on... Read More >

September 2021 Newsletter

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7 Ideas for Physician Practice Revenue Growth

Physician Practice Revenue Growth Medical practices today are essentially operating in a new environment. Today there are significant pressures and challenges to increase physician practice revenue growth and at least... Read More >

Terminating an Employed Physician

Terminating an Employed Physician The Fisher Phillips law firm has provided excellent steps if and when you ever have to terminate an employed physician. For those of us whose client... Read More >

August 2021 Newsletter

August Edition of the Physician Advocate The last month of summer was a busy one As we head into Autumn, these important topics are on our mind The Monetary Life... Read More >