MEDPAC March 05 Report to Congress

MedPAC s March report to Congress contained the following list of recommendations to lawmakers directed to imaging operations and practices HHS approve coding edits for imaging studies to detect unbundled... Read More >

How to Audit a Mission Statement

Some medical practices have taken the time and trouble to prepare its own mission statement Most are displayed proudly in the patient reception area and around the office However do... Read More >

OIG Workplan

Did you know the following physician issues were included on the OIG (Office of Inspector General) work plan? Read More >

Removing Managed Care Red Tape

When assessing your managed care relationships look not only at reimbursement but the so-called red tape issues as well Ask your staff this question for each of your payers What... Read More >

Embezzlement #3

Another instance of an employee stealing patient copays in a medical practice. The following was excerted from an email I received: Read More >

Medical Practice Embezzlement #2

Physician just called and employees have been caught stealing patient copayments I think this kind of behavior is rampant in medical practices because of a lack of continuous oversight and... Read More >

Purchase of a Medical Practice

I am working with a doctor who recently purchased a medical practice from another physician The selling physician insisted that the purchasing physician buy the stock of the medical practice... Read More >

Newsletter for Physician Practices

Don t forget to sign up for my monthly electronic newsletter that is written only for physicians and physician medical practices Go to http www envoyglobal net elawmarketing tinsley tinsleyform... Read More >

Official HIPAA Complaints Revealed

In the June issue of Private Practice Success newsletter the director of the Office of Civil Rights was quoted as saying in the two years since covered entities were required... Read More >

Embezzlement All Over Again

I am working on an independent embezzlement review that resulted from a medical practice employee going to the bank and trying to cash SEVEN insurance checks Luckily the bank called... Read More >

EOBs and Physician Practices

When I negotiate managed care contracts on behalf of clients one part of the process is to take a practice s top CPT codes and then pull the most recent... Read More >

Physician Contracts

I have a client who unfortunately might be headed towards litigation with a physician shareholder who left the group recently The litigation issue revolves around the covenant not to compete... Read More >

Practice Succession

PUBLIC NOTICE The office of Milton W Shepperd D O P A will be closing June Records will be available for a fee Please call in advance to make arrangements... Read More >

Accidental HIPPA

I was at a physician client s office today and as I was walking through the reception room a nurse walks out a door to get a patient and proceeds... Read More >


I was reading an article last week on HIPAA compliance in Private Practice Success www hcpro com whereby various potential HIPAA violation fact patterns were presented and a determination was... Read More >